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To Sakurai:
As I like chicken a lot, please buy lots of chicken on christmas, and i would like to go skiing. On christmas eve’s night, we would go by the car i’m driving, After reaching late at night, we would eat chicken, and then play at the ski resort early in the morning. We would ski till the afternoon, for lunch maybe we would eat ski resort’s curry and udon. In the afternoon, say something like “Want to go to nearby’s onsen?” (laughs), after the onsen, i would nap for a while. Around 9pm at night, after reaching Tokyo, we would say “otsukaresama!” and return home. “omotenashi” is also something enjoyed by oneself right?

p.s i don’t really know how to translate omotenashi…


To Aiba:

That would be birthday right. On that day, ask Aiba kun on where he would like to go and we would go there. If Aiba kun wants to eat, we could also go and buy a cake, not a christmas cake, but a birthday cake. 

pic fr twi

lol at Aiba planning the entire schedule.

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